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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Korean Entertainment

Anyone into K-Pop, K-Drama, K-Dance, K-Food and everything related is welcome. Meet like-minded friends here and share excitement towards your favourite artists and shows! *(^o^)*

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About us

Hey friends!

Founded in 2018, the Korean Entertainment Society exists to bring together people with an interest (no matter how small or large) in the Korean Entertainment Industry – including K-Dramas and K-Pop – as the Korean Wave sweeps the world.

No matter if you are a newcomer to the hype or a veteran K-Pop fan with years of experience, this society represents a friendly, diverse and welcoming place for you to make friends with similar interests and to try new things!

We would like to offer a wide range of events this year so that there is something for everyone, including:

  • Weekly K-Dance workshops
  • K-Drama & K-Variety Shows screenings
  • K-BBQ restaurant outings
  • Karaoke socials
  • K-Pop quizzes (w/ prizes!)
  • Listening parties
  • Dance showcases

Our weekly K-Dance workshops are taught by volunteers, it is entirely free for our members, so becoming a member of our society is a no-brainer! The workshops are completely beginner-friendly and taught by the friendliest, best dance teachers – many of our members hadn’t danced prior to our workshops but they seriously fell in love with them. This year, we are also planning on forming dance groups to do YouTube covers and to enter competitions for those who want to dance more than once a week.

Our K-Drama and K-Variety Shows screenings are an incredibly chill environment and we provide a lot of snacks for everyone to indulge in whilst they relax and watch/chat.

We hope to see you at the friendliest society at LSE :)


Purchasing a membership for our society will give you access to our K-dance workshops taught by professional instructors, our social events such as K-BBQ & Karaoke, our weekly K-Drama screenings, and many more events that we plan to host throughout the year!

Your membership fee goes to funding these events and workshops that we organise for our members throughout the whole academic year to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience in our society.

Our standard membership is for current LSE students while our associate membership is for alumni and staff who wish to join the society.

Events and Activities

  • K-Dance workshops
  • K-Drama & K-Variety Shows screenings
  • K-BBQ restaurant outings
  • Karaoke socials
  • K-Pop quizzes (w/ prizes!)
  • Album listening parties
  • Dance showcases
  • Dance team, with the opportunity to compete in national competitions and create covers

Contact Us

The committee is really excited to welcome new members, for any questions that you may have and to stay updated please use any of our Social Media below



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