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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Music Business

Uncover the secrets behind creating a buzz & managing your favourite artists. Join us for industry insights, tech workshops, & hands-on experiences. Explore several genres!

About us

In the ever-evolving music industry landscape, few sectors have witnessed as much disruption in recent years. Emerging from declining revenue, the industry is now on an upward trajectory. Streaming revenues are surging, and live shows resonate with unprecedented energy. However, the sustainability of this growth remains uncertain, especially as streaming services grapple with profitability challenges. As the industry hurtles forward, the anticipation of further disruption looms.

Welcome to the LSESU Music Business Society, where we offer a gateway to the heartbeat of the music industry. Designed for students, associates, and alumni, our society provides invaluable insights spanning the diverse landscape of the music world. Engage in enlightening talks and workshops covering talent management, licensing, festival organisation, streaming services, and more. Our frequent socials foster a vibrant community for enthusiasts to discuss industry developments.

Moreover, we bridge the gap between theory and practice, connecting members with hands-on opportunities to apply their knowledge. By doing so, we unite the industry leaders of tomorrow with today's professionals, creating a dynamic space for disruptive ideas to flourish.

Whether a music-loving student or a business-savvy creative, the Music Business Society is your key to invaluable insights and connections with like-minded individuals, join us on a journey where passion meets business and where the future of the music industry is shaped.



Become part of our vibrant community with our Social Membership, granting you exclusive access to our dynamic lineup of speaker events, enriching workshops, and engaging social gatherings. Join us and unlock endless opportunities for learning, networking, and forging meaningful connections.

Contact Us

Committee members regularly moderate the club’s Instagram pages answering questions in DMs. If you wish to ask a question, you can always email the Club at