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We have more than 250 sports clubs and societies bringing LSE students together – from faith, cultural and academic societies, to fundraising groups and student media - there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Australia and New Zealand

ANZoc is a community for Australians and New Zealanders to enjoy and share their cultures at LSE!

Chat with us

For Fresher's fair please join us in our Whatsapp Welcome Chat! 

About us

Here at ANZoc, we aim to help students from Australia and New Zealand settle into the LSE by organising various events to meet, socialise and have fun with other Antipodeans! We also welcome all LSE students to join and come along to our various events, learn a little bit about our two great countries and have a whole lot of fun too.

As well as this, we hope to enrich members’ LSE experiences by hosting prominent Antipodeans, be it in business, diplomacy or social entrepreneurship at ANZoc events and giving our members a platform to discuss their experiences. Previously we hosted Menna Rawlings CMG for a great talk, as well as several social events (how good does a winter BBQ sound?!). Can't wait for more exciting things to come!

With the Australian High Commission on our doorstep we hope to host some incredible talks and events that can help our members on their career paths while keeping them in touch with their roots.

We also aim to uphold the strong cultural traditions that unify these two great nations, giving members the opportunity to enjoy just a little taste of home on the other side of the world.

Finally and most importantly, get ready for some bloody tops gavos, bev ups and overall great chat. Welcome to LSE!


Standard Membership

We have a £2 membership fee for access to all events and various other great talks throughout the year! That's all! £2 gets you access to all our events for the year. We aim to keep membership fees low to encourage everyone to sign up and enjoy our amazing cultures, so what are ya waiting for? Become a Member now!


Join our Give-it-a-Go mailing list to get our weekly newsletter with the rundown of events coming up and ways to get involved! At the beginning of the year we run a Give-it-a-Go event, but afterwards events are for members only.

Contact Us

Get in touch and stay updated!! We are present on several social media platforms so please do give us a like/follow and start hearing about all of our events and notices!

Additionally, if you would like more information you can always reach out on our social media pages or via our Whatsapp group.