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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


Quants, known as the 'The Rocket Scientists of Wall Street', are people who design mathematical and statistical models to identify market opportunities while quantifying risk. The role of a Quant is often misunderstood, many assuming it to being similar to investment banking.

The purpose of the Quantitative Society is to attract individuals interested in solving challenging problems using mathematics and algorithms, and improve problem solving skills. The goal is to predict the future - in particular the behaviour of financial markets. Individuals from all backgrounds may join, regardless whether you're a professional quant, or a novice to the markets.
What is required is a relentless desire to solve complex problems and a fascination with the markets. 

During the meetings we:

  1. Solve mathematical problems - particularly in statistics, probability and calculus
  2. Introduce basic market concepts - what a market is, and fundamentals of options and greeks
  3. Teach skills to analyse historical market data and test strategies
  4. Implement ML and NN models in Python
  5. Discuss the market - why was AAPL down 2% while MSFT up 0.5%? Is there a why?

We will be hosting a variety of competitions throughout the year including:

  1. Both algorithmic trading and regular trading competitions.
  2. LSE Quant Soc Probability Competition 
  3. Mental maths 

During the events we hope to communicate the realistic career components of the ‘rocket scientists of Wall Street’, and experience what it's like to be a Quant. 



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