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Global Research and Consulting

GRC is a branch of the global research and consulting group - a student-led strategic consulting and research think tank focused on working on projects with social-impact oriented organisations.

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About us

GRC is a global student-run strategic consulting and research think tank that collaborates on projects with social impact oriented organizations.

Our emphasis is on the importance of using interdisciplinary research to understand and inform innovations in the private, public and social sectors.

Our group aims to acquire the latest information in macroeconomic trends, cultural context, industry best practices, and more to provide non-profits from around the world with well-informed and impactful insights and solutions.

As such, we will be working with clients such as Wikimedia and the ECRI institute to perform market analysis, data analytics, and corporate social responsibility analysis.

Within our global branch we have also worked alongside the World Bank, Oxfam, UNESCO, WWF, and the Institut Pasteur in a similar capacity.


By becoming a GRC member you will be able to develop and/or use you research or consulting oriented skill set through engagement in impactful projects and opportunities that connecting with our clients can provide.

Events and Activities

Over the course of the year we expect to host various training workshops hosted by companies with expertise in their field that provide training and insight to consulting and in addition to regular project meetings we aim to have semi-weekly socials that are non-project related to foster a spirit of community among our members.

Contact Us

We can be contacted through our Facebook page or our society email.