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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Mind Over Media (MoM)

MoM critically engages with important topics presented in the media. Through chatty and fruitful conversations, we bring our diverse perspectives together to uncover narratives that go under the radar

Do you ever wonder if you perceive a topic in a certain way because of how it has been presented to you? What is your conception of the world around you based on? Would your perspective of the world change if you were presented with all the facts?


Mind Over Media uncovers alternative perspectives on important issues in the media. We attempt to reconstruct the other side of the story to create narratives that otherwise would go under the radar. Bringing together academic rigour and a social setting with our ‘under the influence’ happy hours, we unpack how we might be “under the [media’s] influence”. We also encourage a glass of wine (or two) to help get these conversations flowing! 


Our aim is to develop Minds that actively engage with and are critical of the Media, rather than passively absorb information. It is time to develop our own perspectives on these issues, not dictated by the political bias of newspapers or the ‘click-bait’ found on social media.



The best tool we have to critically navigate through the intrinsic political and social influences on our world



The Media we consume should not become more authoritative than our Minds



We hope to shed light on possible media bias, and start a discussion around the impact that our “Mindless” consumption is having on our everyday lives


Why now?


The rise of social media means that reports of international crises, political tensions, electoral scandals, environmental catastrophes, and refugee crises are flooding our Minds from all directions, now more than ever. The danger of disinformation for democracy (and ultimately development) is encroaching on our society, at an ever-increasing speed. It is up to us to continuously question and provoke conversation in order to dictate our own narrative, dig beneath the surface, and establish our own opinions.



  • “Under the Influence” happy hours twice a month, with some free drinks and informal panel discussions with our Researchers

  • Special speaker nights (we have an exciting lineup coming your way!) We will take our informal discussions in our “Under the Influence” hours to engage more formally with industry leaders in the media, as well as politicians, activists, and others who can provide another dimension to our discussions.

  • Documentary- Movie Nights (Teaser: The Social Dilemma is first up!)

  • Joint events with other societies and universities  


Your Benefits as a Member:

  • Exclusive access to all events

  • A chance to mingle with critical thinkers to challenge ourselves, while we each untie the tangled web of the media! 

  • Free drinks at our events

  • A vote for our weekly topic choice (suggestions welcome!)

  • A chance to stay on top of the latest developments and events, and to learn how to form your own opinion on them

  • Access to our newsletter which will act as a resource to refer back to when thinking independently about Media stories - and when referring to MoM’s thought provoking discussions in CVs and interviews!

  • And of course, the guaranteed CV boost! You will learn transferable skills such as critical analysis, argument construction, as well as creative and abstract thinking.