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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

93% Club

Dedicated to state educated students, and students who have experienced barriers or adverse circumstances during their education.

The LSESU 93% Club has been revitalised for the 23/34 academic year. We have successfully hosted 19 events and activities during Autumn Term 2023 and 20 during Winter Term 2024. For a list of the events we've organised, please refer to our calandar.  
There are more events to come in Summer Term 2024! We have an active online presence on Instagram and WhatsApp, so stay tuned with what we have coming up by joining us on at least one of these digital platforms!


  • You can follow us @93clublse.
  • You can identify LSESU 93% Club 23/24 posts as they are outlined by the blue border.
  • For every event, we post twice: the first Instagram post outlines details of the event before it takes place, and then we post a follow-up with photos from the event afterwards.
  • We will often post events and opportunities on our story that are not organized by the LSESU 93% Club, but these will always be affiliated with LSESU or LSE.


  • You can join the LSESU 93% Club 2023/24 WhatsApp Group through this link:
  • All messages sent in the WhatsApp group detail events, opportunities, and initiatives run by the LSESU 93% Club.
  • All messages contain a title such as 'Event Alert' so you know what the message entails.

Our committee members are Helen, George, and Katerina, who will remain in their positions until July 31st, 2024.