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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Family Law

We are a society founded for family law students and beyond. We aim to stimulate students' interest in the study and practice of family law and challenge social constructs through talks and debates.

About us

Welcome to the LSESU Family Law Society!

As a student-run society founded by family law students for family law students and non-family law students alike, we aim to enhance students’ understanding of the study of family law, raise students’ awareness of potential career prospects in the field of family law, challenge social constructs and assumptions in society through organising talks and debates and to attract non-law students to consider a career in family law.

As one of the newest societies at LSE, we focus solely on the niche subject of family law, which relates to a more personal and emotional segment of our daily lives. In fact, the academic study of family law in British universities stems from the LSE Law department, which introduced the program 'the law of domestic relations' into the LLB curriculum after the Second World War.

The family is one of the most interesting units of life - while some regard it as a steady source of love and support, it is important for us to acknowledge that we are also at the same time the most vulnerable to injury induced by those we love when family relationships do not work out. Hence, scholars have suggested that the very features of family law - that it engages with social life and emotions, have caused the law in this area to be characterised by contradiction and paradox, which in turn provides a rich impetus for theoretical debate and discussion, and unpredictable dynamics in practice.

The study and practice of family law has proved particularly important in the COVID-19 era, given rising domestic abuse rates in countries that have implemented “stay at home” measures, and worldwide spikes in breakup and divorce rates. We are planning to host a variety of events and initiatives for our members in hope of enhancing your understanding and awareness of the study and practice of family law.

Planned events include:

  • An Academia Panel to help you reconsider what family law tells us about the State and society and how we are to think about family law as an institution
  • Two Career Panels to engage family law practitioners who have opted for the barrister route and the solicitor route respectively, in order to bring you in contact with leading experts in the family law field and opportunities to network
  • A festive Christmas fundraiser for a family-law related NGO for you to give back to society and see first-hand how family law shapes society and the lives of the less-privileged 
  • An alumni panel which allows you to maintain strong professional and social bonds with those that have once been in your shoes as a student at LSE
  • A family law moot for you to exercise your advocacy skills and convey your views over contemporary and pressing family law issues
  • An excursion to family law institutions e.g. CAFCASS, Family Courts for you to observe the daily workings of family law in practice
  • Regular posts on family law updates on social media to help you understand fundamental concepts and latest developments in family law (Useful for interview prep!)
  • Socials for you to meet like-minded people and have fun!!!

All in all, the Society is for anyone who possesses genuine interest in family law as a potential career option or field of academic study.

It doesn’t matter whether you have studied family law, or even law in general - if you are looking to make new friends who are just as curious about family law, or are already super passionate about family law, do join us as a member today!


The Society has a single annual membership fee of £2.50. As a member, you will have the opportunity to attend the talks and other events the Society holds. Further, members will be able to join as sub-committee members and run for Committee positions during election periods.


The Committee is really excited to welcome new members and we have created a dedicated WhatsApp group for any questions you have.

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