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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Art Business

The Art Business society aims to guide LSE students through the complexity of the Art world.

The Art Business Society welcomes students from all academic backgrounds, with all levels of artistic knowledge.

Those interested in Art will discover the impact of Business, and those interested in Business can explore the relevance of Art.

Our interactive events and meet-ups are based around these key areas of interest. 

We host a variety of talks with industry professionals working in Auction Houses (e.g. Christie's & Sotheby's), Art Galleries and Art Fairs as well as organising a wide range of social events (such as our Gallery Hopping events) in order to meet like-minded individuals seeking a career in the arts. 

We also host smaller workshops and talks with people working in the creative industries in general (e.g. photographers, artists, UX designers ...) to showcase how students can get involved in a variety of creative careers. 

Past events:

- A conference on NFTs with Simon Oldfield (Art Curator, Advisor and Lawyer) and Chris Speed (Chair of Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh) who discussed the trend of NFTs, their role in the Art Market and their environmental impact

- Edmond Francey, the Head of Postwar and Contemporary Art in London where he discussed his career path and the role of Christie’s in the art market today

- Anders Petterson, CEO of Art Tactic

- A workshop with Andrew McCartney and Jason Daniel Ting, NFT experts who hosted an introduction to NFTs followed by an interactive minting session 

- Hosted a group visit to the Frieze Art Fair (free tickets for our members)

- A Shutter Speed Photography Workshop with fashion photographer and creative director Simran Kaur

- A Talk with Philip Hoffman, CEO of the Fine Art Group where he discussed how he built the Fine Art Group and his career path

- Various gallery hopping events throughout the term

- Ishrat Kanga, Director Head of Sale at Sotheby's discussed the role of the South Asian Art Market 

- Kaye Donachie, contemporary painter featured in both Frieze and ArtForum, discussed her art and career

- A workshop with Anastasia Antonova, senior UX/UI designer in collaboraiton with Women in Tech

- Visited Christie's Lates as a group

- Anthea Peers, President of Christie's EMEA, discussed the tradition and evolution of the art market

- Oliver Barker, Chairman of Sotheby's, discussed the rise of single-owner collections

- Alina Davey, Senior Director International Business Development at Sotheby's, discussed careers in the art world and the global life of private museums

- Collage-Making Workshop in collaboration with the Visual Arts Society

- Wolfgang Tillmans, world-famous photographer, discussed his practice 

- How to Build Your Creative Startup Workshop with the founders of Perediza Magazine

- Will Jarvis, CEO of Gertrude App and Co-Founder of the Sunday Painter 

and many more!



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