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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Women In Tech

In exploration of unheard career opportunities and insights of all sectors within the industries, as energetic as the creative business ideas themselves.

Recently founded, LSESU Women in Tech has been developed to empower women in the technology sectors. Join our society to gain valuable educational learning in technology through different events, discover opportunities offered the tech sectors and lastly to unite with other students who share a common interest with you! 

Our society was founded in March 2022 with one aim: empower women to enter the world of technology. As a recently founded society, we want to act as a platform for anyone who is interested in technological innovation, wants to explore potential career roles in the tech industry, or who wants to share a love of technology. 

From a broader perspective, this society wants to discuss and see ways that we can close the gender gap in tech by

  1. Empowering women and gender minorities who want to enter the tech industry.

  2. Assisting women and gender minorities in pivoting from social sciences or humanities to more technical careers.

  3. Supporting women and gender minorities in entering the tech space, who want to go on a fully technical career path 

Our member-exclusive activities will focus on the following categories in the upcoming year:

  • Career Talks : Inviting professionals and LSE alumni who work in the tech industry to speak about their experiences, advice for career development, and what opportunities there are for students and graduates. 
  • Workshops : From intros to coding to interview prep, we aim to organise regular workshops to help members up-skill, and upgrade their confidence when it comes to job seeking, application and interviewing. 
  • Weekly Newsletter: Every week, we will send out a newsletter informing members of our events, relevant events on campus and across LSE, as well as tech news and book reviews - if it's related to tech and gender, we'll try and cover it! 
  • Socials : From summer picnics and book clubs to roller skating and parties, we hope to curate a fun, empowering community through social events - let us know what you would like! 

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