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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Parliament and Prosecco

Join us every fortnight to discuss topical political issues! We aim to encourage a productive exchange of ideas from different perspectives, all while sipping Prosecco (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)!


Welcome to Parliament and Prosecco!

What do we do?

Every fortnight we come together to discuss a topical political issue in a relaxed and social environment. We aim to discuss issues from a global perspective, as opposed to just a UK-centric perspective. Thus far, we have discussed issues such as the government's contentious immigration bills, and the enforcement of gender quotas in different Parliaments.

We realise contributing ideas to the group discussion can sometimes seem daunting, and so we hope to facilitate a respectful and comfortable environment that allows everyone to share their views should they wish to.

Why join?

For £5 a year, Parliament and Prosecco nights are casual evenings that bring the opportunity to socialise with new people, drink Prosecco (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) and discuss diverse political issues!

Come for the opportunity to make new friends, engage with topical issues, and share your opinions on prominent global issues.


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