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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


We are an influential platform for students from the 11 nation Balkans for cultural connection, political debate, high profile networking opportunities and careers guidance.

About us:

As the first of its kind in Europe, we are the premier cultural and business student society devoted to the Balkans. This part of the world is a geographically large and culturally rich one, compromising 11 nations and some 60 million people, who speak multiple languages while all sharing a common history. The region consists of the following countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. Not only do we offer a wide range of fun LSE and inter-university social events, but also a political platform for students from the region in a unified environment. On top of this, we offer an abundance of career and networking opportunities.


What to expect:


  • Cultural events including club nights with other LSESU Socities and other London Universities
  • Socials: Boat parties, dinners, balls and formal visits to select locations 
  • Panel debates on historical and current questions, with the chance to represent your country in a political nature
  • The chance to connect with the region's most talented professionals in the field of government, business and finance, as part of our presitigous Speaker Series.


Purchasing a membership will give you access to all of our events, and will ensure that priced events are offered at a lower cost for members. It will also allow you to join our online groups where you can gain opportunities from networking with other members. Buying an associate membership allows staff and LSE alumni to join.


Contact us:

Our society is keen to get in touch with new members. We have created a Balkan Society freshers WhatsApp group chat, as well as an Instagram page where you can contact us directly. For further enquiries, you may email us at



For all links go to: lsesu.balkan | Instagram | Linktree



Exec membership

General Secretary