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AstroSoc is a pioneering society in the field of Astrosociology. We are the first of our kind in any major higher education institution in the world, focused on the in-depth examination of space and its sociological connotations. As humanity begins to pierce the celestial plane that exists 100km (62 miles) above our heads, we will explore how the economy, global political bodies and society in general will react to mankind’s transition to being an interplanetary species. As we exist within a social science university, we feel it necessary to provide an avenue for LSE students to continue to engage in the natural sciences, whilst still employing the knowledge they’ve acquired in their respective disciplines.

OBJECTIVES - Create a link between social sciences and future space exploration - Host regular in person panel sessions with relevant experts, to pursue academic curiosity in Astrosociology - Provide an educational foundation to prospective students who may wish to pursue a career in the discipline - Promoting Astrosociology as an academically recognised field in the university and across the UK - Provide events associated to astronomy and the natural aspect of space which can educate social science students in astrophysics

ACTIVITIES/EVENTS AstroSoc will attempt to host activities and events to not only provide a forum for its members to get educated on the subject, but also to actively engage with this emerging field: - We will hold regular social sessions and discussions on Astrosociology to emerge members into the field, even if they’ve never looked into it before - Keynote speaker events from figures either within the field or with relevant research that could advance the discipline - Space-oriented viewings (e.g. launches/films) - Potential for astronomy events

CONTACT US Instagram - lsesuastrosoc Twitter - lsesuastrosoc

For further inquiries, please contact our team


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