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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


This is the place for all lovers of heritage. We organise museum and manor house visits, along with some engaging speaker and social events. All are welcome to explore heritage with us!

New group - membership currently for committee only. Check back soon for updates about the society's launch!


About Us:
Welcome to our page, we are the LSESU Heritage Society! We are a society to give you the opportunity to engage with all matters of heritage. We run visits to museums, manor houses, and heritage locations of importance. We will also run the occasional speaker event, and have some exciting social events for you! Whether you have a specific interest in an element of heritage, or just want to learn more about what has shaped the world around you, this is the society for you.

Our £2 fixed membership fee allows LSESU Heritage Society members to benefit from our visits and speaker events we run throughout the year. Furthermore, you will be signed up to our email, and shall be the first to hear about exclusive visits and events.

Events and Activities:
This year the Heritage Society has big plans!
Some events you can expect to see throughout the year include:
• Visiting National Trust properties.
• Visiting the Greenwich Maritime Museum.
• Visiting the V&A Museum.
• Speaker events about institutions and individuals.
• Visiting the British Parliament.
• Drinks and friendly conversation at historic pubs.

There is much to explore, and we hope you join us in uncovering and understanding heritage.



Exec membership