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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Taylor Swift

drop everything now... the swifties are finally here! what can we say, it's been a long time coming!

dear reader,
remember this moment, Taylor Swift is here! Swift Soc has found a place in this world to create an inclusive and loving environment, whether you're a cowboy like me, on your vigilante shit or just wanting to rant about those london boys, we're here for all swifties, die-hard or new, forever and always.

we are going to be hosting a range of Taylor Swift-themed events, some of these including:

release parties! - there are two more rerecorded albums to come out - Swift Soc will be ready for it to react together to brand new vault tracks and support each other to prevent the teardrops on our guitars.

karaoke and listening parties - is there anything better than screaming the words to love story (taylor's version) with your friends, i don't think so!

eras tour prep and events - sharing tips and tricks to polish up real nice and start dressing for revenge in time for the eras tour this summer! also - we could never send anyone to the eras tour without making our friendship bracelets!

study sessions - studies say that the best grades come through listening to Taylor Swift, we will be here to organise study sessions whereby swifties can listen and work together!

we will also want to host screenings of our favourite tour films, and just create a chilled and positive community for all pop music lovers!

the old taylor can't come to the phone right now... so talk to us on:

instagram: @lsesuswiftsoc
or email us:
discount code for Swiftogeddon is available for all members!



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