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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


Co-President: Shanaya Kapoor Co-President: Gwen Zhang Treasurer: Alycia Khor

Are you passionate about human rights, justice, and making a tangible impact? Join Amicus LSE now! Be part of a community dedicated to raising awareness, fostering dialogue, and actively contributing to the fight against the death penalty.

Welcome to Amicus LSE – a unique society dedicated to making a difference in the fight against the death penalty. As the only society of its kind at LSE, we stand at the forefront of championing equal access to justice for those facing the ultimate consequence in the United States.

Our Mission:
At Amicus LSE, we are proud to be a part of the larger Amicus community, a legal non-profit organisation based in London, UK, committed to securing equal access to justice for individuals on death row. Our mission is to raise awareness about the critical work that Amicus does and support the organisation's fight against the death penalty by fundraising.

What Sets Us Apart:
We understand the gravity of the cause we champion. Our society is dedicated to shedding light on the issues surrounding the death penalty, fostering meaningful conversations, and mobilising support within the student community.

Join us for compelling panel events featuring experts in the field, as well as collaborations with our partner firms. These events are designed to raise awareness about the complexities surrounding the death penalty, exploring legal, ethical, and social dimensions.

By becoming a member of Amicus LSE, you actively contribute to a cause that transcends borders. Your involvement helps us fundraise for Amicus, supporting its relentless efforts to secure justice and fair legal representation for those in dire need.

Don't miss out on our insightful events! Follow our social media pages to stay updated and be a part of the movement for justice.

Stand with Amicus LSE – where your passion meets purpose. Join us today!



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