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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


The first and largest consulting-focused society at the London School of Economics.

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About us

The LSESU Consultancy Society is the largest consultancy society on campus and is also one of the largest professional societies. We were awarded a Gold Star by the SU last year for our range of high quality events and commitment to members. Our goal is to bridge the gap between talented students and the consultancy industry. We work hard to connect our members with industry professionals and build the skillset needed to be successful at interviews and in the industry in general.

Our membership pool is large and diverse. Our members are from a variety of degree backgrounds that include both quantitative and non-quantitative subjects such as Economics, History, Finance, Management and International Relations. We recommend joining our society if you have an interest in pursuing a career in consultancy or simply want to know more about the industry. By joining the society, you gain access to a range of high quality, insightful and informative events that focus on building your industry knowledge and skillset.


Standard Membership: Standard membership costs £2 and will give your full access to all society events, including case study workshops, panel events and London Strategic Consulting. These events are great opportunities to meet like minded individuals and start networking with students and professionals. You’ll also get access to our weekly newsletter where we announce all our upcoming events, opportunities from our sponsors and society opportunities.

Events and Activities

  • Over the course of the year we host a wide range of high quality events. We have listed a few below:
  • Panel events with industry professionals
  • London Strategic Consulting - student led consultancy initiative where students are partnered with real businesses to solve business problems over a set time period.
  • Case study workshops and case study club
  • Consultancy Conference - Our flagship event
  • Events with sponsor firms
  • LSE Case Competition and UK Case Competition

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