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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


The Filipino Society aims to promote the Filipino culture to both Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike, as well as encourage multi-culturalism and diversity in this rapidly globalising world.

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About us

José Rizal, national hero of the Philippines, once said, “To do one’s duty to country means to join the LSESU Filipino Society!” Well, perhaps Rizal never did actually say this but nonetheless we’re sure he definitely would have if he was a student at the LSE.

Founded very recently in 2019, the Filipino Society focuses on the Philippines and all of its 7,641 islands, as well as Filipino and Filipino-British culture. Our society is the main forum and platform to celebrate, discuss, and discover Filipino culture at the London School of Economics. The Filipino Society’s membership is diverse, featuring not only undergraduate and graduate students but also Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike.

Throughout the year, we hold multiple events for our members to partake in and benefits to enjoy throughout London. We plan to hold social gatherings to cover everything from Filipino food trips (read: Jollibee, Romulo Café, Mamasons etc.) to pub socials with Filipino societies at other London universities. In addition, members this year are eligible for a 10% discount at Romulo Café & Restaurant, one of the top Filipino restaurants in London and one of our sponsors for this year.

Additionally, we also hold academic panels on issues and topics pertinent to the Philippines and the greater Filipino diaspora. Furthermore, as the main liaison between the LSE and the Philippine Embassy, we offer our members information about and access to Embassy events. If you’re looking for the perfect place to meet and network with other Filipinos at the LSE and in London, we’re the perfect organisation for you.

Whether you’re a Filipino feeling homesick and looking for kababayan abroad or an international student seeking to learn more about our country, we welcome you to our society with open arms. If you’re a first-year student looking to make an impact, we’d highly encourage you to apply for our first-year subcommittee. For updates on what our society is up to, feel free to follow our social media channels. We look forward to meeting you! Maraming salamat!


Membership gives access to a network of students who are passionate about Filipino culture not only within LSE but across the UK. Last year, we organized events along with other Filipino societies in London universities, such as pub meet-ups and talks about identity within the Filipino diaspora. These events create safe spaces for people to discuss topics, interests and issues related to the Philippines. They also allow people to discover Filipino culture within LSE and beyond, giving them a platform to share knowledge and connect with people with similar interests. Many of the future events will also feature food, so members can have the opportunity to try out some of the most famous Filipino snacks and treats.

Purchasing membership also enters you into our various raffles throughout the year! Stay tuned!

Events and Activities

  • Social events
  • Academic panels
  • Filipino food trips
  • Collaborative events with other university Filipino societies
  • Events at the Philippine Embassy
  • Filipino film screenings
  • Events with our sponsors and partners

Contact Us

We’re very excited to welcome new members to our community! For any questions and inquiries you may have about the Filipino Society, please feel free to contact any of our Executive Committee members or message us through our Facebook or Instagram pages. You may also send us an email through!



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