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Geography and Environment

We bring together like-minded people to promote informal discussion and debate about Geography and Environment. Join us for a range of exciting events, opportunities, trips and talks.

A BIIIIIGGG welcome to the Geography and Environment Society!


Our purpose is to make student life in the G&E department as spectacular as possible. We put the ‘social’ in social science.

We hold social, academic and career related events year round with our flagship events being our Tour in Michaelmas Term and Undergraduate Geography Winter Ball at the start of Lent Term. 

All are welcome to join, whether you’re an undergraduate, postgraduate or don’t study geography at all! 


Here are our three main objectives:

1-To promote discussion, debate and awareness about Geography and Environment. This is coordinated by organising pub quizzes, arranging lectures and other social activities. 

Pianoworks, Farringdon 2019

Virtual Pub Quiz, 2020

Online Escape Room with £50 prize run weekly, 2021

G&E Winter Ball, 2020

2-To conduct tours and visits to places of Geographical and Environmental interest.

Eastbourne Trip, 2021

Sofia, Bulgaria, 2018

3-To function as a place for LSE students to share their ideas and interest about Geography and Environment. We also collaborate with different societies to further our aims.

Inter-university Geography Society Competition, 2020

G&E Gather Town Drop-In, 2021

Special Preview Film Screening, 2020