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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


The Indonesian Society is a society for Indonesians and those interested in Indonesia. Join us for food, socials and talks on Indonesia!

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About us

LSE Indonesian Society is a platform for Indonesians, and those who are interested in Indonesia, to gather and network. We host many social events throughout the year for Indonesians to bond, get to know each other or celebrate events like Christmas, Eid, Chineese New year together.

From time to time, we also host some joint-socials with other London universities. Other than that, we also aim to promote Indonesian food and cultures through various events ideas. Join us and meet your Indo fam at LSE!


We have a single membership structure for the year where students can sign up to get newsletters, access to our permanent WhatsApp and updates on our socials/events (both LSE exclusive as well as collaborations with other London universities' IndoSoc).

For the first month after welcome fair, we have a give-it-a-go membership for students to try out and participate in our series of welcome events.

As a member of the society, you will get the opportunity to share Indonesian culture in LSE and meet diverse individuals that you can form lifelong friendships with!

Events and Activities

We have various events and activities planned for the upcoming term which include:

  • Welcome social
    We are going to hold this social at the beginning of the term so as to welcome the new students and the returning members of the Indonesian Society. In this event, you will have the opportunity to make connection with fellow Indonesians in LSE.
  • Day Trip
    Apart from London, there are a lot of various worth-visiting places in the UK. Hence, we plan to hold a day trip which allows our members to travel and explore.
  • Picnic and Indonesian Food
    Don’t be surprised when you crave for Indonesian Food in London. But worry not, we are planning to go for a picnic (if the weather permits) and enjoy Indonesian food together.
  • Ice Skating and Winter Wonderland
    You can’t forget about ice skating and Winter Wonderland when it comes to Christmas!
  • Mainly, we hold occasional socials throughout the year. However, given the Covid-19 situation, we shall do some adjustments to our events and activities.

    Contact Us

    The committee is looking forward to welcome you to the society and answer any questions you have about what we do, the university and general FAQs about London-life through our WhatsApp groupchat.