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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


The Israel Society is for anyone who loves or is curious about the Israeli culture and both Israel's tech and entrepreneurial scene.

Welcome to the LSE Israel Society—a dynamic and inclusive community at the LSE dedicated to deepening your understanding of Israel's vibrant culture, innovation, entrepreneurship, and high spirit.

Our Focus:

- Immerse yourself in Israeli culture and values through engaging social events.
- Connect with academics and technology/start-up-oriented speakers in insightful talks.

Our flagship trip: The LSE Tech Trip
- Experience our annual Tech Trip, where 50 LSE students from diverse backgrounds explore and discover Israel's unique entrepreneurial ecosystem. Visit innovative start-ups, meet entrepreneurs, and discover the country's touristic and cultural landmarks.

Recognized Achievements:
- 2018 Educators of the Year Award
- LSE Students’ Union Bronze (2018) and Silver Award (2019)
- Best LSE Trip Award (2019)
- Top 10/800 ranking for best-student-led events in the UK (2019) by the National Union of Students.

We welcome curious minds and tech enthusiasts from all backgrounds to join us in our events and learn more about what makes Israel the renowned « Start-up Nation », and a global hub for tech and innovation.

Furthermore, as a dedicated platform advocating for Israel at LSE, we extend support through our inclusive community on campus and partnered initiatives with fellow Israel societies in London.