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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Labour and Co-operative

LSESU Labour is the largest political society at LSE. We attract the best speakers on the left to keep members at the heart of our movement.

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About us

Joining LSE Labour Soc is a great way to meet like-minded, sometimes differently-minded but always friendly and inclusive people!

We’re a society for everyone: from those heavily invested in politics to people just starting to explore their political beliefs, and everything in between.

We are especially keen on making our environment as inclusive and welcoming as possible for those who are newer to getting involved!

Join us for pizza/pint & policy nights, debates against the Tories, pub trips, canvassing, big name speaker events and much more.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to become involved in the front line of student politics, fighting for what you believe in on campus and beyond. As a society, we seek to challenge, on campus and in the wider community, entrenched inequality, discrimination and exploitation. From Bevan to Blair we've got you covered.

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Events and Activities

Examples of Previous Events

  • Debate VS Tories 
  • Speaker Event with Emily Thornberry MP, Chris Bryant MP, Andrew Harrop (General Secretary of the Fabian Society)
  • Pizza/pint & policy 
  • Canvassing sessions
  • Events with other societies and unis
  • Field trips
  • Xmas Quiz

Events Coming up 2023/24:

  • October Debate VS Tory Soc - followed by Tuns  - freshers can sign up to debate!
  • Monday 16th October, 4:30pm: In Conversation with Jess Phillips
  • Tuesday 14th November, 7pm: In Conversation with Emily Thornberry
  • Friday 24th November, 5pm: In Conversation with Dawn Butler
  • Thurday 18th January, 6:30pm: In Conversation with David Lammy

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