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The LSESU Photography Society aims to bring together those interested in photography in its many forms.

About us



The LSESU Photography Society exists to connect photographers and LSE students to each other. We hope to create a socially and creatively engaging environment, which functions at many levels. 


Events and Activities

For the term ahead we have four main areas of our society which you can get involved in:

  1. Photowalks

Organized on a monthly basis, our photowalks provide members an opportunity to meet and develop better photographic techniques. With a different location and theme to each walk, these events are open to all members of all levels and abilities.

  1. Workshops

From sessions on post-processing (editing) to composition or even film photography, we aim to provide workshops that will help members of different levels of experience improve their photography.

    3.  Other social activities

  • Going to gallery exhibitions together
  • Talks with established photographers

4. Projects

  • Competitions
  • Magazine/Publication with contributions from LSESU photographers


For just a membership fee of £1.50, you will have the opportunity to learn and gain so much more than what you paid for. There is no prerequisite to joining, we welcome people from all levels and backgrounds in photography. As long as you have something to take a photo with and an interest in the art of capturing light, you are more than welcome.

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Photography Lent Term Elections 2023

Club and Society elections run to elect any members into committee positions for the 2023/24 academic year.

3 posts are up for election.

Nominations are now closed.

The polls open at 09:00 on Wednesday 22 March 2023 (in 47 hours)

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