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The LSESU Photography Society aims to bring together those interested in creating art through the lens.


About us

Who are we? 

As the LSESU Photography Society, we aim to bring together a community of students who inspire one another to grow in their passion for photography, develop our skills in the discipline, and explore ways to apply our skills professionally.

Everyone engages in photography at some level. Whether you’re already a seasoned professional or just curious from experimenting with a smartphone, we hope to be a community where you can grow in your passion for capturing the ‘perfect shot’, as well as provide opportunities for you to develop your skills and explore new areas of photography.

Our activities include photo-walks to capture and get to know all the best parts of London, workshops to help us develop our composition and post-production skills, competitions and exhibitions to let you demonstrate your creative flare, and also opportunities to sharpen up your professional photography skills by providing photography services for the wider LSE student community.

Finally, we aim to run an annual trip outside of London for those interested in shooting landscapes and to explore and capture the beauty of the natural world.

Why us?

We are a diverse group with many different areas of interest - from film photography to street photography to drone photography - you’re sure to find someone who shares that same niche.

We provide a place for you to meet other like minded photographers among our LSE community, where you can pick up the tips and tricks of how to take eye-capturing photos.

We aspire to always be developing our skills, challenging each other to become better at using the lens to convey deeper meaning and tell stories through our photography, whilst also working together to build up a skills set that brings quality into what we shoot.


For just a membership fee of £1.50, you will have the opportunity to learn and gain so much more than what you paid for. There is no prerequisite to joining, we welcome people from all levels and backgrounds in photography. Just as long as you have something to take a photo with and the passion for the art of capturing light to create an image, you’ll fit right in!


Events and Activities

For the term ahead we have four main areas of our society we would like to develop:

1. Photowalks

Organized on a monthly basis, our photowalks will provide members an opportunity to get together to share tips tricks and their love for photography. With a different location and theme to each walk, these events are open to all members of all levels and abilities. Please do come join us in exploring the city and capturing some top notch pictures along the way!

2. Workshops

Workshops will provide an opportunity for you to grow in your understanding of photography and gain some professional tips on how to improve your captures. From sessions on post-processing (editing) to composition or even film photography, we aim to provide workshops that will help members of different levels of experience improve their photography.

3. Competitions & Exhibitions

This year, we're hoping to collaborate with the LSESU Creative network to run an exhibition in the summer term. Alongside theme-based photo competitions, this will be an opportunity for you to share the best of your photography with the rest of the LSE community.

4. Services

As the LSESU Photography society, we want to create opportunities for members to apply their photography skills. Whether it may be offering photography services to other societies on campus, supplying photography for the school newspaper or documenting student stories on campus, there will be opportunities for all who wish to build more professional experience in photography.

Contact Us

We have made a Whatsapp group chat for anybody interested to hear from us regularly. There is also a members-only group chat which you can join once you have purchased membership (please contact us for a link).