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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


We used to take your land, now we just take your pints.

Chat with us!


About us

Once upon a time, the People of England prayed to be saved from The Scandinavians of the Dark North. Nowadays, the same people praise us and beg us to turn up. We are known to hold the best and largest parties at LSE with over 350 guests at our ABBA night, the best Boat Party in LT, and Christmas Dinners. We are also known to be giving out free Fika from time to time on campus so our members can enjoy a relaxed chat during daylight hours. Joining Nordic Society is an excellent way to get to know Nordics all over London, as we frequently collaborate with Nordic societies from the other London Unis.

But, believe it or not, Vikings have a serious side. 2020 we introduce Nordic Networking and Career events. We will organise office visits, panel discussions, networking socials and more, in order to connect with the Nordic job market.

We are inviting you, Nordic or not, to join the Nordic Society at LSE, an excellent opportunity to invade the Thames for the second time since 1300!


Purchasing a membership will give you tickets at a free or a reduced price to our social and networking events. 

Events and Activities

  • Free Fika!
  • Bar nights
  • ABBA Night with KCL & UCL
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Networking and career events
  • Kubb & Brännboll Picnics

And more!

We are looking forward to meeting all our new members! Join our whatsapp group chat to ask questions and get to know us!