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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

London Globalist

LSE's premier student-run international affairs journal.

The London Globalist is an international affairs magazine published by the LSESUs international journalism society.

We are a part of the Global 21 network, a network of international affairs magazines published in top universities around the world.

In previous years, we have published an annual print magazine with particular themes such as 'The Self and the Other: Identity in Crisis' and 'Blurred Lines? Pop Culture and World Politics'. We have published articles by writers from across the globe with a diverse pool of nationalities and disciplines.
Our website is We publish a wide range of articles, including features, personal essays, event coverage and simple news reports.
Our umbrella organisation, Global 21, of which we are one of many chapters at universities around the world, is a global network of student-run international-affairs magazines at the most distinguished universities including Oxford, Cape Town, Jerusalem, Paris, Peking, Sydney, Toronto and Yale. The organization was founded at Yale in 2005 and The London Globalist was set up in 2010.
Our slogan this year is: the most important issues, wherever they happen to be. This encapsulates what our mission and goal is as a publication: to shed light and contribute to the debate surrounding the most important issues in the world, by offering global perspectives to global citizens, our target audience. 
Want to write for us? Send us your articles and article ideas to More information about our submissions process can be found by clicking here.

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