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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Think Tank

Student-led Think Tank dedicated to fostering innovation and collaborative problem-solving on global issues. We aim to shape future leaders by bringing diverse perspectives from various disciplines.

The LSESU Think Tank aims to provide students with a unique platform to voice their opinions and insights, drawing from their academic and practical knowledge.

Our society fosters collaboration among students from diverse fields of study, encouraging creative thinking and innovation. We facilitate networking opportunities with professionals and established think tanks, helping students gain practical insights into the policy-making process.

Our activities include:

- Policy development case studies, debates and workshops with other societies aimed at compiling an annual journal.

- Panel discussions featuring guest speakers. 

- Social gatherings, mixers, and themed events to foster a sense of community among members and connect with like-minded individuals.

- Networking events with think tanks and other professionals.