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Economic History

The LSESU Economic History Society believes economic history can teach us a lot about the present. We bring together people from all disciplines for activities and events on economic history.

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About us

We are the academic society for Economic History! We are here to build a sense of community among Economic History students through running socials and events, as well as working to ensure students have as many academic and professional opportunities as possible. In the past these have included pub quizzes, screenings of EH documentaries with those who made them, lectures and debates, as well as setting up what became the now independent Knowles Review of Economic History, a student-run peer-reviewed Economic History journal where you can submit your best work to be professionally published by Houghton Street press.

Clearly the next while is going to be uncertain for all of us as the pandemic continues, but economic history has never been more relevant to everything going on in the world! We will be looking to run seminars and events on how economic history can help us understand current issues from the Pandemic to Policing with experts from LSE and beyond.

We want every student to feel part of the Economic History community and so in the coming year we will be looking to expand our work into how Economic History at LSE can be decolonised and diversified, and into how we can support the voices students from marginalised backgrounds.


We only have one tier of membership which will give you access to all our events, socials and talks throughout the year to feel more part of our Economic History community!

Events and Activities

  • Socials!
  • Pub Quizzes!
  • Film Nights!
  • Talks!
  • Debates!

Contact Us

We've set up a WhatsApp group if you want to ask questions, will also send any events to it including details of freshers zooms/events.

You can also message us on our Facebook, where we'll also post details of any events.

Although now independent of the society you should give the Knowles Review a follow.