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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Dutch and Flemish

If you are Dutch, Flemish or just interested in the culture, come and join!

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About us

The Dutch and Flemish society is a new society at LSE, founded by Dutch and Flemish undergraduate students. As there are societies of almost all countries at LSE, we deeply regretted that there was no society for the Netherlands nor for Belgium, despite the fact that around 125 Dutch speaking people joined the university in 2019. Our main aim is therefore to build a tight community of Dutch speaking students. We will do this by organising socials, networking events, cultural events, and speaker events. We aim to be an open society, so everyone who is interested in the culture is more than welcome to join!


There is a considerable number of Dutch and Flemish students at LSE, but it is rather difficult to get in touch with each other. Purchasing a membership to this society will enable you to join our activities and hence meet people from the same background. Besides this, it will allow you to become part of the London-wide Dutch and Flemish community. For instance, we work closely with the UCL Dutch and Flemish Society, King’s College London Dutch Society and the Imperial Benelux Society, and we have links with the organisation Dutch Worldwide Students (Nederlandse Wereldwijde Studenten or NWS). Lastly, as we are a new society, we are very open for input from our members. By becoming a member, you will get the chance to be actively involved in the running of our society if you wish so. We are also looking to recruit people for the positions of events officer, marketing officer and postgraduate officer to involve the postgraduate community.

Events and Activities

We aim to organise around one event every three weeks, ranging from socials, networking events and speaker events to of course cultural events. As there are currently restrictions due to Covid-19, we will mainly organise socials in Michaelmas Term, such as pub crawls, quizzes, drinks in open spaces such as parks. We will also organise days to celebrate our culture, such as Sinterklaas and King's day. As soon as the restrictions are modified, there will be networking events and speaker's events, but also more joint events with societies from other universities in London.

Contact Us

We have made a Whatsapp group for our members. All info about events throughout the year will be posted on this groupchat.


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