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The largest academic society, and the only society supported by the Economics Department. We provide weekly talks, a research program, annual symposium, policy competition, social events... and more!

About us

As the largest academic society at the LSE, with over 800 members, we are the primary social and educational hub for both undergraduate and graduate students across a wide variety of disciplines. We are also the only society officially supported by the world-leading LSE Economics Department, allowing us unparalleled resources to support and inspire our students.

For many LSE students, the Economics Society is one of the first societies they join. Many students attend our weekly speaker series, Sen Club, engaging with renowned economists on a weekly basis. Last year, our list of speakers included Nobel Prize winners Amartya Sen and Esther Duflo. Students can also produce and publish original research in our prestigious Research Division, attend our flagship Economics Conference, compete in our Policy Competition, produce our Podcast and join various socials.

If you would like more information about how to get involved in the Economics Society, or have any other questions, please get in touch through Facebook, Instagram or email us at or the President, Celine Mano ( and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We offer a standard membership. Members are able to join events, subcommittees, research groups, career events, and socials.

Members can also stand and vote for executive committee positions in Lent Term. We require membership to be purchased before a certain cutoff date for you to be able to contest positions and vote.

Events and Activities

  • Sen Club: a weekly seminar series with prominent economists
  • Economics Symposium: a day of talks and panels featuring notable economists from around the world
  • Undergraduate research groups
  • Undergraduate research incubators, to help students develop research skills
  • Regular career seminars
  • Policy Competition, with students from LSE and other university
  • Regular socials, from pub crawls to indoor ping pong!

...and more!