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Our vision is to create a platform that brings together students to advance ideas for Europe's economic, social and political future, through our Policy Lab and organising career and speaker events!

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INFO for Freshers Fair:

Welcome to LSE!

Please come to one of our Freshers Fair Zoom drop-in sessions to hear about the society, ask us any questions or just to chat:

Thursday 24.09 from 11am-1pm:

Thursday 24.09 from 3pm-5pm:

Friday 25.09 from 10am-12pm: 

Friday 25.09 from 3pm-5pm: 

Otherwise just text us over Facebook Messenger, instagram or over our Whatsapp Group Chat:

About us

The European Society is a society for all people interested in Europe - whether European national or EU enthusiast. We specialise in hosting senior speakers leading thought, research and policy on European issues on issues covering politics, economics, international relations and much more.

Beyond this, we also have our Policy Lab, where students from different degree programs come together on a common issue of interest and research and design a policy proposal over the course of the academic year.

We also aim to provide career guidance for our members through panel discussions by professionals working in different organisations related to Europe and the EU, such as ECB, EP and ESM.

Beyond this we of course host socials, and trips to embassies, in order to foster a strong bond between our members and create a little pro-Europe community in the Brexit UK, including but not limited to eating good quality continental European food once you have had a bit too many baked beans.


Buying the membership of the European Society will give you access to our weekly newsletters which will inform you about our events coming up as well as other events running at LSE that could be of interest to our members, and of course allow you to attend all our amazing events we will host during the academic year and participate in our Policy Lab!

Events and Activities

  • Speaker events (around once a month)
  • Career Panel events (twice a term)
  • Socials (as often as possible :) )
  • Trips to embassies & other creative events

Contact Us

Get in contact through: