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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service (HKPASS)

HKPASS places a strong emphasis on raising public awareness in Hong Kong and encouraging proactive engagement in social service. We aim to provide our members with exciting events throughout the year!

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About us

Founded in 1999, the LSESU Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Services Society (LSESU HKPASS) acts as a landmark in being the first established student organisation within the United Kingdom with a particular emphasis on Hong Kong issues, acting as a bridge for students abroad to remain connected with their heritage.

HKPASS delivers vibrant events to our members throughout the year. While our emphasis is placed on Public Affairs and Social Service, as evident in our name, we also host various social events, which include charity balls, cultural trips, and external activities with 21 other HKPASS societies in the United Kingdom, on top of talks given by distinguished speakers and various fundraising initiatives.

Our Hong Kong Mentorship Programme includes over 20 top academics, bankers, and lawyers, and our public affairs flagship LSE Forum is the largest of its kind in the UK.

In recognition of our active participation and contribution to the LSE community, LSESU HKPASS has been awarded numerous LSE Students' Union Awards since 2002, including the Golden Star Award as one of the top 3 amongst over 150 student societies at the LSE.

We hope to provide our members with a broad spectrum of opportunities so as to help expand their social experience, thus encouraging everyone to become committed to their communities. Everyone is welcome to join!


By purchasing a membership, you immediately gain access to a plethora of invaluable knowledge regarding Hong Kong and its current topical affairs, along with the meaningful opportunity to create beneficial and lasting social change in the local community.

Resulting from our society’s dynamic nature, while changes to the regular schedule occur from year to year, one may always expect: academic talks guided by experienced field veterans; opportunities to engage in critical debate about international affairs with fellow students at differing universities; and to have fun at events while giving back to local charity efforts and initiatives.

Beyond such, in becoming a member, you also become immediately eligible to apply for our Associateship positions, in which, beyond partaking in all the above-mentioned, you also get behind-the-scenes in-depth understandings of operations management and the ability to have direct contact with influential figures whom the society holds network ties to.

Events and Activities

Over the course of the academic year, HKPASS provides the opportunity for its members to partake in a wide variety of experiences and events, including but not limited to:

Public Affairs

  • LSE Forum, the largest Cantonese-debating platform in the UK
  • Public Affairs Symposium and Public Affairs Dialogue, fireside chats on recent socio-political, economic and cultural affairs.
  • Debate sessions and competitions held both in Hong Kong and across the United Kingdom.

Social Service

  • Fundraising Week: Charity Talent Show, Games Night and Quiz Night
  • Volunteering events to help disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in Hong Kong and London
  • Other fundraising initiatives and projects held across the United Kingdom


  • PASS-ON Publication and its subsequent Essay Competition
  • Direct interviews with the most influential figures and field verterans of Hong Kong (in varied sectors).


  • Cultural Trip
  • London Winter Boat Ball
  • Lunar New Year Mahjong Social

...amongst many more!

Contact Us

For any potential questions, the most accessible and convenient way to directly contact us would be through sending us a message on our Instagram page!

Alternatively, a WhatsApp group for prospective members has been created in which all your concerns and questions may be raised and answered by ExCo Members. Please find the relevant links in the following section: