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Latin American

Our aim is to create and maintain a lively and diverse network of people and institutions interested in Latin America. We seek to promote a more active interaction between the LSE and the region.

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About us

The Latin American society aims to introduce and preserve South American culture and traditions and highlight the main issues these countries are currently facing in terms of development.

We wish to unite all Latin American students through cultural, social and academic activities, as well as students who are curious to discover more about this continent!

South American students in LSE are spread out and rarely know each other, we therefore aim to bring them together by organising dance classes, traditional food/drink tasting events and talks/conferences.

Inclusion is very important to us and we are eager to welcome all nationalities as well as organise co-events with the other societies ( French/Nordic etc) to create multi-cultural events!


A standard membership: £2. By purchasing a membership you will receive information on all ongoing social, cultural and academic events, allowing you to attend them and create tight bonds and friendships with other students.

Events and Activities

  • Regular club socials such as pub quizzes/ tasting typical South American dishes
  • Dance classes ( salsa, bachata)
  • Pres for " La Fiesta"
  • Attend talks and conferences ( ie on how to tackle poverty, environmental problems, ongoing corruption in Latin America)
  • A Latin American week

Contact Us

  • WhatsApp group
  • Instagram: lsesulatinamerican
  • Zoom calls