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LSESU Hindu Society explores the idea of Hinduism through a series of religious, educational, charitable and social events. We hold 2 events per week, so there is definitely something for everyone!

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Freshers Information!!!

Join us at our designated virtual stall times. Please ensure you place your LSE student ID number in front of your name so that we can verify you are an LSE student! 

Thursday 24th September - 3-4pm - 

Meeting ID: 966 1210 4871 Passcode: Hindu 

Friday 25th September - 10-11am -

Meeting ID: 941 9535 8226 Passcode: Hindu

Freshers WhatsApp Group Chat 

About us

At LSE Hindu Society, we strive to create an inclusive community for all of our members.

We are one of the largest societies on campus hosting a vast combination of social, sports, volunteering and religious events which provides a great platform to meet new people.

As the winner of the Gold Star Award for 4 years in a row, we have consistently provided a diverse and exciting experience for our members.

Join us this year for a wide range of events, including our regular socials (such as Ice Skating and Bowling), volunteering opportunities, sporting teams and talks by top speakers to build your knowledge of Hinduism. Additionally, we’re part of the National Hindu Students Forum (NHSF) along with 46 other universities. This enables collaborative events such the NHSF National Sports competition where all the Hindu societies across the UK meet in Birmingham.

We also provide a chance for you to make meaningful contributions to the society through being selected for the First Year Subcommittee. In these roles you will be able to aid in planning events and have a say in the way the society runs – it’s also a great way to boost your CV :)

There’s something here for everyone and we look forward to welcoming you all to our society !!!


Membership cost is £5

This includes being added to our mail list so that you get first access to our events before they sell out

Also, you will get discounts on all of our events during the year which will in turn save you more than £5

Furthermore, if you plan to run for first year subcommittee or main committee applications later in the year you will require a membership to be considered and vote

Events and Activities

Over the course of this year, we will be planning a wide range of exciting activities. Here is a preview of the year ahead.

Social Events:

  • Our flagship TopGolf, Bowling, Ice Skating socials
  • Holi and Diwali Balls in collaboration with other London Hindu societies
  • Hindu Society families – Quiz Nights and London Treasure Hunt with family


  • Feed the homeless within local area of campus


  • Netball, football and Kabaddi teams
  • Weekly training sessions and opportunity to compete in national competitions during the year hosted by NHSF

Learning and Religious events:

  • Weekly Aarti
  • Expert speakers coming in to help our members to build their knowledge on Hinduism.

Contact Us

We will be hosting various introductory events during freshers weeks - to obtain further information please fill out the following Google Docs to get added to our WhatsApp group so we can provide up to date information.