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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


The Actuarial Society provides a first-hand insight into this highly-respectable yet unheard-of profession.

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About us

"Equipping the Actuaries of Tomorrow"

LSESU Actuarial Society is one of the largest actuarial student societies in the UK. It was founded with a strong initiative to promote understanding of this highly respectable yet unheard profession.

As the only LSESU society that offers a comprehensive analysis of current issues surrounding insurance, pensions, and investment from an actuarial point of view, we have established ourselves in LSE with over 180 members.

We provide a wide range of events that cover three major areas: Careers, Socials, and Skills. We have organised talks to raise commercial awareness among members about pensions and insurance, exploring the way actuaries respond to challenges in this changing world with endless possibilities.

There are various opportunities to ask seniors and alumni about their experiences working in actuarial placements and providing members advice about internships is also one of the great services the society can offer. Under the collective effort of the 2022/23 committee and subcommittee members, we have prepared an Actuarial Career Pack for all members with a full list of actuarial firms to which students can apply to, as well as hosting the first-ever LSE Actuarial Case Competition where students can have a glimpse of what it is like to work in the Actuarial field. We also prepared some social activities (movie night, game night, theatre trips, etc.) for all members which you definitely do not want to miss out.

We are committed to providing our members with memorable experiences and insights about Actuarial Science, one of the most rewarding careers, and equipping the actuaries of tomorrow.

If you are interested to pursue a career in actuarial science or any statistics-related field, joining our society will provide you with the relevant skills and knowledge needed for your future career path.



With an annual membership fee of only £2, you will have the opportunity to join our Actuarial Insights, Company Visits, Panel Talks and even Social Events!

As a member, you’ll get the opportunity to explore different career paths that actuaries can embark on, on top of gaining technical knowledge on the profession itself. Moreover, you will be able to be part of a community of like-minded and dedicated aspiring actuaries of tomorrow.


Events and Activities

Throughout the year we host a wide number of events such as:

  • Actuarial Insights
  • Company Visits
  • Social Events
  • Programming Workshops
  • Networking Sessions with Alumni
  • Collaborations with other Societies


Contact Us

The committee welcomes any questions from interested students and is more than happy to help answer them! Feel free to contact or follow us at our social media platforms below :D



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