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LSESU FoodCycle raises awareness of and helps tackle food waste, food poverty and social isolation, all whilst supporting the charity FoodCycle!

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About us

LSESU’S FoodCycle Society helps alleviate the problems of food waste and food poverty in London in line with the aims of the award-winning charity ‘FoodCycle’.

Through raising awareness of the impacts of food waste, rescuing unsold food from cafes and markets, and distributing the surplus food to people in need across the city, LSESU FoodCycle Society works toward more sustainable and accessible food systems services.

For instance, our ‘Save Food’ project involves collecting surplus food from nearby restaurants and cafes at LSE and redistributing it to those in need on campus and in the nearby Holborn area. This currently takes place every evening from Monday-Friday and we would love to expand this project further to more cafés and restaurants this year!

Many of our guests struggle to afford the basics to eat and many will eat alone without company or conversation. Helping us with part of this project therefore helps not only to save food, but also makes a real positive difference to the lonely and hungry guests in need.

Moreover, you will be part of a friendly and close-knit volunteering group. Through attending this society, you will have the perfect opportunity to make friends with like-minded people when volunteering or through attending our socials!

In addition to the ‘Save Food’ project, here are a few other opportunities (of many) for you to get involved!

  • Help out with FoodCycle’s LSE King’s Cross project to provide a weekly communal meal every Sunday to people in London living with HIV
  • Rescue unsold surplus food from Borough and Kings Cross Market to supply at our own and other society’s social events.
  • Attend our socials and events to help raise awareness of the issues and solutions to food waste and whilst enjoying free & tasty rescued food!


Our membership structure involves a charge of £1.50 to join our society for the whole year. Your membership fee will go towards the running of the society and allow you to take part in our societies and events!

Events and Activities

Throughout the year we offer the opportunity to help save food waste & give back to your community through the following events and socials:

  1. Collection & redistribution of surplus food to the local community:
    - Save Food Project
    - FoodCycle’s LSE King’s ross Project
    - Soup Kitchen at Lincoln’s Inn Fields
  2. Provide food that would have otherwise been thrown out for societal events hosted within LSE’s Student Union
  3. Help fundraise through selling surplus food and donating the funds to the external award-winning charity FoodCycle
  4. Attend our fun and educational socials and events to help spread awareness of food waste. Last year we had two pub socials and one large conference in the first term!

Contact Us

We can't wait to welcome new members to our society and we have created a dedicated WhatsApp group for any questions you may have or simply to get to know a bit about us and the society!

We're also hosting a Zoom call on Wednesday the 30th of September at 1pm where you'll also be able to come and ask questions to us in person!