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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


The LSESU Gaming Society is an award winning society dedicated to all types of video games, welcoming all kinds of gamers. We host tournaments, have competitive teams, and attend UK industry events.

Chat with us

About us

The LSESU Gaming Society is an LSESU STARS award-winning society dedicated to bringing together gamers of all levels of experience, across every console and platform. From AAA blockbusters to Goat Simulator, and everything in between, we play all types of games and welcome everyone who plays them or wants to start. We'll be holding weekly casual meet-ups throughout the year, and occasionally end up in a pub afterwards. Whether you’d like to bring your own set-up and play with adoring fans, chat about your day (and the games you’re playing to escape from reading & internships), or just use us for our games (I thought we had something special…) sign up and come visit!

Our society has:

  • A High-End Gaming PC
  • A Nintendo Switch
  • An Xbox One
  • A Playstation 5
  • A Nintendo Wii U (and Wii)
  • A Nintendo Gamecube
  • And an insane library of games

For esports fans, we are developing competitive teams in the following 6 games: DoTA 2, League of Legends, CSGO, Overwatch, Rocket League, and Smash. Of course, if there's enough interest, we can always look at expanding to other esports titles! These teams will compete in inter-university tournaments under the NUEL and NSE leagues for prizes and bragging rights (which may also include free pints at the pub tbc). We also hold viewing parties for major esports tournaments and have our own yearly 24 hour charity live stream (also known as our yearly Stanford Prison experiment).

We have attended many major UK conventions, including MCM Comic Con and EGX (Eurogamer), with some of our more passionate members going in cosplay.

We also have close affiliations with other London gaming societies. We've teamed up with other Central London universities in our biggest inter-collegiate partnership yet -- CLUE (Central London University Esports). Recently, we held a CLUE 24-hour Charity Stream and fundraised for SpecialEffect. The activity was for a great cause, and participating members had lots of fun. As a Gaming Society member, you’ll be able to participate in inter-collegiate events like this, and feel part of an even greater and wider community not just in LSE. You’ll also have the opportunity to join our esports teams and represent the university in tournaments against these formidable opponents, and other universities across the UK.

If you have any questions about the society or our event line-up, please email us at, pop us a message in Discord, or DM us on Twitter or Instagram.


As a member, you’ll have access to our consoles and equipment, as well as our vast Steam library containing over 300 games. We also hold regular and varied events (see our events section!) which members are welcome to attend -- there’s always something for everyone!

You’ll also get a say in our game surveys, where you get to tell us what games you want to play/you would like the society to invest in.

Finally, for the career-savvy LSE student (aren’t we all!), the LSESU Gaming Society is proud to have broad connections with the gaming industry. In the past, we’ve hosted a ‘Women in Gaming Business Panel’, forged a partnership with Sidequest Gamers Hub and look to have more industry events with the likes of CLUE (last year we managed to host Arnold Hur, a LSE alumni of GEN.G fame!).

Events and Activities

The Gaming Society already has an expansive online presence within our Discord server! This upcoming term we'll be focusing more on expanding our in-person presence. Here's some things you might get up to:

  • Playing community-based games such as Minecraft, and party games like Jackbox where anyone and everyone can jump in and have some fun (and show off their amazing drawing skills in Gartic Phone or, because LSE is obviously famous for its Art degree...)
  • Streaming live games for members to participate in.
  • Having a go at community tournaments in a variety of titles.
  • Liveviewing games or international esports broadcasts.
  • Participating in online esports matches or pick-up games.
  • Work with The Three Tuns in the SU building to host Mario Kart and FIFA competitions.

Every year we also have our flagship event, the infamous 24-hour Charity Livestream!

  • Over the past years we’ve fundraised for SpecialEffect, a charity dedicated to developing technologies to support those with disabilities to play video games. Last year, we raised over £1100 in total! Unfortunately the VoD was lost to the ether, but we still have footage from 2020 -- highlights on our YouTube channel!
  • This year we're hoping to have this event back in person and with even more community engagement, so be sure to look out for the annoucements!
  • Do follow us on our social media to keep up to date with our latest activities!

Contact Us

We use Discord as our primary platform, and Twitter and Instagram as our main socials. We are open to DMs at any time throughout the year and would love for you to get in touch if you have any questions, want to have a casual chat, or want to 3-stock a committee member playing Kirby on Final Destination (no items)/win against a committee member on Mario Kart. (Last one not recommended.)

Please don’t hesitate to simply join our Discord server and ping/DM one of the committee members.

We will be hosting dedicated meetings on Discord throughout the evenings of the second week of Michaelmas Term where you can ask the committee anything!

If email is more your thing, contact us on