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Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

We're an open-minded, social society known and loved for creating a tight knit PPE community. Please follow our Instagram for updates. PPE Freshers, please join your Whatsapp group (link below)!

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About us

The PPE society is vibrant community of everyone studying or interested in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at LSE. We aim to build a tight-knit network of PPE students in LSE and across London, using our close ties with our counterparts at UCL and KCL.

We’re all about top quality speakers and banging socials, and because of this we excel at bringing together the interesting and the interested. With our glittering speaker line up for this term, as well as our PPE alumni series, we hope to be a real source of inspiration for our membership.

We’re at once cosy and friendly, but also outgoing and influential in LSE and London.

Our events are Informal and chilled, but with room for serious discussion, and with academic weight.

As a society, we’re young and fast-growing, yet after only 4 years, we’re already well-established.

We’re an ambitious society with so much to offer you this year, so get on our socials and our SU page, and hopefully we’ll see you at our first event!

Join the 2022/23 Freshers PPE WhatsApp:

Follow our Instagram here:


We only have one kind of membership which lasts a year and only costs £4.

As a member:

  • You’ll become a part of a "PPE family”- you and no more than 4 others get to know experienced and lovely second years, providing a great start at LSE.
  • You gain access to the single best platform for socialising with like-minded people from KCL and UCL.
  • You’ll have full access to all sorts of PPE related events all over London- and interested people to go with you.

PPE students share lectures with everyone doing any form of Maths, Econ, Government, and Philosophy. Members will be have ample opportunities to socialise, network, and attend amazing events with societies of all of these disciplines.

Events and Activities

Obviously we’re in a slightly awkward position with coronavirus so those events marked with an asterisk are possible only if there is a significant improvement in the current situation.

  • Philosophy Ball*
  • Small-scale and socially distanced speaker events
  • Off-campus team-building (crazy-golf etc) (subject to individual company policy AND SU approval)
  • Family based events
  • Political Skills masterclasses (working with activist groups, Negotiation soc, etc etc)
  • Multi-university small scale socials
  • Multi-university speaker events*

While obviously the situation is changing weekly, and we can’t guarantee a great deal, we really will do everything we can to make sure there is an awesome selection of events on for you all.

Contact Us

Message us either on Facebook or on our email for the link.