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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


Having won Gold STARS awards for 8 years in a row, we are one of the most active societies on campus! We host many diverse music groups and concerts, live music nights and socials throughout the year.

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About us

The LSESU Music Society is one of the largest societies at the LSE, with its 400 members. Winning Gold STARS award for 3 years in a row, we are one of the most active societies on campus. Catering for a range of tastes from rock to baroque, the Music Society arranges jazz evenings, trips to concerts, open-mic nights and even boat trips -- these are just come of the exciting and well-received events we’ve held in the past. We pride ourselves on having a great presence among current students as well as alumni and School staff, embracing a greater diversity than any other society on campus.

We also collaborate extensively with other societies such as the Drama Society and their outstanding performances or the China Development Society for the ‘East vs West Music Competition’.

Our main groups are the LSE Choir and LSE Orchestra, but there are countless other smaller ensembles including the Houghtones and RogueNotes -- our two A Cappella groups -- the Jazz Band, and many more.

As a member you will gain discounted tickets to our events as well as the rights to book the two Music Practice Rooms. Whether you are interested in performing, listening or anything else musical, you're in the right place!

For more details email or visit the LSESU Music Society website to join! Do also check out our social media links -- we’re very active!


For passionate music enthusiasts, the LSESU Music Society prides itself with having a membership which offers highly unique benefits to members. Primarily, being a member will grant you access to our two Music Practice Rooms in the Shaw Library (6th Floor of the Old Building), and Lincoln Chambers (between the SU shop facing the side of construction near the LSE Library). Members are able to book up to an hour per day.

As a member you will also gain discounted tickets to our events, and there’s a lot to choose from. From live band concerts to choir performances and subsidised trips to concerts, the experiences you’ll have and the friendships that will be built will be second to none.

Furthermore, if you enjoy exploring different genres of music and discovering new artists, our newsletter will bring you a slew of weekly song recommendations -- our members have a say in recommendations too, so come and share your favourite songs and genres of music! Oh, and did we mention that our newsletter is one of the best? (Just our opinion, but we think it’s true.)

There’s no greater joy than to share your passion with like-minded people; join the Music Society, forget the stress of university life and form memories you’ll never forget!

Events and Activities

The last two years at Music Society have meant we sadly weren't able to run any of our usual ensembles or performance opportunities - in 2022/2023 we are determined to make a comeback!

All of our in-person regular activities can resume. These include:

  • LSE Chill: evening performances hosted by LSE Arts, many throughout the year.
  • Lunchtime concerts in the Shaw Library, where you can treat yourself to a range of genres of performances.
  • Our ‘Give It a Go’ sessions for our music groups: Houghtones, RogueNotes, and Orchestra, where anyone can just join in along with well-acquainted members!
  • Pub Crawls
  • In-person trips to concerts/musicals
  • Hold concerts as we have done in the past; this includes our flagship LSE Spring Concert featuring our excellent LSE Choir and LSE Orchestra.
  • Karaoke socials, because who doesn’t like the feeling of wielding the glorious mic!

This year we want to facilitate meeting other musicians and having social opportunities more than ever - last year we created a music networking database and we're really excited to bring this to life on campus by holding a 'meet the musicians' night where you can find others who are looking to form musical groups of all genres. We're also excited to start some regular chill jam sessions (with snacks) where anyone can turn up and join in.

Do keep updated by following us on social media!

Contact Us

We also have numerous Facebook groups for students who are part of our music groups. This includes the LSE Choir and LSE Orchestra Facebook groups.

Anyone is more than welcome to get in touch with us via our social media links below, preferably via Instagram, Facebook or Email!

We are also introducing a Music Society Discord Server this year, which we hope will be a better - and more centralised - place to socialise and relay information alongside our existing Whatsapp group.


Our primary platform for event updates & opportunities: 


Other social media & contact info here: 

Please email us at :))


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