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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


A diverse and friendly community of philosophers and philosophically-interested individuals! Join us for socials, career events and talks with academics at the forefront of philosophy.

About us

Here at PhilSoc, we host a wide range of philosophical discussions, debates and socials to get everyone with an interest in philosophy involved. We have hosted several academics from LSE and other universities, to discuss a variety of areas in philosophy.

Whether you're a philosophy student or not, PhilSoc has an event for everyone! We seek to host events that are at the intersection of Philosophy and other subjects, whether it's economics, politics or computer science.

If you're interested in thinking about other subjects in more depth, this is the place to be.

PhilSoc is also the hub for the community of philosophers here at the LSE. We're putting on regular pub nights, quizzes and cheese and wine evenings where you can get to know the people you're studying with and meet new faces.

We have an incredibly diverse community of philosophers here and working with the department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, we hope to strengthen this in the coming year.

We're also hosting monthly dinners with well-known philosophy professors and deep philosophical debates. We also collaborate and host social events with philosophy societies from other London universities such as UCL and KCL.



We have a diverse membership and we are proud of the relationship between undergraduates and postgraduates at PhilSoc. Our membership is currently at £3.00 and it entitles you to some exclusive benefits, most notably access to our recording sessions of our podcasts live, where you can get to ask the speakers questions about their areas of expertise.

Membership also entitles you to attend our events and receive our newsletter with unique participation opportunities in the field of philosophy, from contributing to academic journals to volunteering at renowned flagship events. Finally, our membership allows you to stand and vote in our elections.

We currently don’t offer associate memberships to non-LSE students.


Events and Activities

Over the course of the academic year, we hold a wide range of events on varied philosophical topics which include:

  • Hosting academic speakers and discussing their different fields.
  • Regular socials to discuss philosophical or not so philosophical topics.
  • Events and socials with other LSESU societies and London universities.
  • Our very own Portugal Street Podcast in which members get exclusive access to ask questions.
  • An outreach conference, with the collaboration of the Philosophy Department: last year’s topic was Women in Philosophy.


Contact Us

To receive latest updates of our events, make sure you follow us on our social media.