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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023

Political Risk and Investment

PRIS allows members to explore global finance through a geopolitical lens - where investment strategy meets political risk. We foster debate through connecting students with global affairs experts.

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About us

We host events in the field of political risk and investment. Political risk refers to the potential negative impact on investments and business operations resulting from political events, instability, or governmental actions in a specific country or region. It encompasses factors such as regulatory changes, policy shifts, conflicts, and instability that can affect economic and financial stability. Our society has grown to accommodate students from a wide range of backgrounds interested in the interplay between political affairs, economics and finance.

We invite guest speakers from business advisory, political risk consultancy firms, foreign service, investment industry leaders and think-tanks to comment on recent geopolitical trends in markets around the world. Through these speaker events and workshops we hope to give members the opportunity to expand their knowledge of global affairs and region-specific interests, while learning how to create effective analyses.


For £1.5 pounds only, you get priority access to PRIS talks, workshops with professionals, networking and career panel events and socials such as the flagship political risk boat party.

Events and Activities

  • We have guests scheduled to appear at particular points of the year, those may be co-hosted events or PRIS only.
  • We collaborate with security, intelligence and risk societies at other universities in the UK
  • We organise biweekly socials on the LSE campus and in other venues around London

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