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A welcoming, fun and diverse community of Sikh students here at LSE!

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About us

Welcome to LSE Sikh Society!

We're a welcoming, fun and diverse community of Sikh students here at LSE.

We've got a great year of events lined up for you - we hope to have something for everyone! This ranges from socials, restaurant visits, trips, volunteering and sports. 

You'll have the chance to meet Sikh students from universities like UCL and KCL. We will also collaborate with other societies within LSE so you can get to know more people.

After the last few years of the pandemic, our main aim is to make your university experience the best it can be. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your background, how much you know or how religious you are. We're all about having some fun, whilst embracing our culture and learning more about our religion. 

We know that studying at LSE can be overwhelming and stressful at times, so we hope that by coming along to our events and spending some time away from your work, you can have a balance. 

Although we're a relatively small community here, we're one of the most friendly, supportive and dynamic societies - we look forward to meeting you and having you join! 


The best way to keep up to date with our society is by subscribing to our membership. 

As a member, you will receive weekly updates from our committee regarding upcoming events. You will also get access to our Whatsapp group which helps us connect with you. 

Your membership fee goes towards the running of the society which involves food and drink for events, tickets for certain venues, transport, etc.

You'll get to take advantage of these perks and this will help us grow as a society so that we can organise bigger and better experiences for you each year! 

Events and Activities

We hope to hold a wide range of events so that there is something for everyone! Here's an snippet of what's planned:

Fun social events held at LSE and popular London venues:

  • Games nights
  • Activities such as mini golf, table tennis and bowling 
  • Restaurant meals

Society collaborations to make new friends:

  • Bhangra classes!
  • Joint events with UCL and KCL Sikh Societies
  • Access to Nishaan events - an organisation set up for Sikh Students to meet each other

Religious events:

  • Fornightly Simran and Rehras Sahib
  • Talks from outside speakers, such as Basics of Sikhi
  • Gurdwara trips

Careers events:

  • Networking events
  • Alumni panels
  • Careers advice sessions

Volunteering and Wellbeing:

  • Regular fundraising and volunteering opportunities
  • The chance to help out homeless shelter charities like Gurseva and SWAT
  • Wellbeing events and drop in sessions

Sports activities:

  • Friendly Football matches
  • Tournaments with other Sikh Societies
  • Regular Badminton sessions

We are always open to new suggestions :)

Contact Us

We're really excited to welcome our new Sikh Soc members - give us a follow on our social media platforms to find out more. 

  • Instagram page: @lsesikhsociety

  • WhatsApp: Message us for a link to the Freshers groupchat

If you have any questions, get in touch with us via a DM on Instagram, a Whatsapp message or an email at


LSESU Club & Society Elections 2024 (Round 2)

Club and Society Elections to elect your future leaders for the 2024/25 academic year. Please see the roles available below. For more information about these elections, please visit

471 posts are up for election.

Nominations close at 09:00 on Monday 29 April 2024 (in 4 days and 6 hours)

The polls open at 10:00 on Thursday 2 May 2024 (in 7 days)



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