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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


Come explore the world of finance with us through workshops, simulations, competitions and more!

About us



Established in 2012, the LSESU Trading Society has grown exponentially to emerge as one of the 5 largest in the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and we are the only society specialised in trading and financial markets education. Our mission is to enhance members’ financial literacy and nurture their passion for trading, as well as educate, engage, and provide exposure with our unique hands-on approach. We equip our members with the knowledge, resources, and practical experience to guide them into career paths such as Sales & Trading, Quant Trading, Asset Management and Hedge Funds. We have successfully served as a medium for the exchange of ideas, information, and opportunities between our partners and members. Our partners and sponsors include global and well-established firms such as Credit Suisse, Interactive Brokers, D.E. Shaw, Point 72, and Audacity Capital.  

We have 6 separate sub-committees of the society which include their own cohort of students they educate. The 6 divisions include: Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities, Equities, Macroeconomic ResearchAlgorithmic Trading (Quantitative Research), and Events.  We educate our members on each desk of trading, as well as related topics such as fundamental and technical analysis, quant trading, and trading techniques. To gain practical experience, we always strongly encourage our members to provide their market insights or sharing trading strategies. In addition, we have exclusive access to Bloomberg terminals at LSE where we also will be running educational sessions, as well as using them for research. Each respective division’s sub-committee publish weekly group trade ideas and market briefings. In collaboration with Interactive Brokers, members will be tracked as individuals and groups on a demo account for trading, putting their skills into practice. Alongside all these, we regularly host panel Q&A’s and educational events.

For this academic year, we are thrilled to announced that we will be organising stock pitch and simulated trading competitions for our members, with incentives such as exclusive networking events and other prizes to be won. We will also be collaborating with numerous societies and organisations, such as London Blockchain Labs and LSE Google DSC, to run events aimed at improving trading skillsets over the course of the year.


We have a basic membership structure: £5.00 - this includes full access to all our market briefings as well as our weekly market overcap reports. You will also have full access to attend our online and in-person events which is a great opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in trading, as well as network with senior professionals.

We are the only society at LSE specialised in trading so if this is an interest we highly recommend you to join, please check out our Facebook page to see some of our recent reports as well as updates about the society. We have previously been sponsored by, and run events with firms such as Credit Suisse, Amplify Trading, D.E. Shaw, Audacity Capital, Optiver, and many more. Events include both educational aspects as well as live trading simulations.

All members will have the opportunity to apply for our sub-committee, this is split into 6 groups where we will be recruiting analysts. These are: Equities, Macro, Fixed Income, Currencies & Commodities, Algorithmic Trading and Events.

We will educate you in each division with weekly sessions, as well as get you involved in writing morning reports, generating trade ideas as well as live demo trading. There will also be exclusive events with sponsors for our sub-committee. We are also going to be running sessions for trading techniques, quantitative and algorithmic trading. You will also be able to use the LSE Bloomberg terminals to write briefings and reports as well as research investments for the division's portfolio.

Events and Activities

We will be hosting events in partnership with global trading firms, investment banks, and Hedge funds. Previous events have been run with D.E. Shaw, Amplify Trading, Optiver, and many more.

These events in the future will include many aspects such as educational as well as live trading experiences and more. For more events and activities please apply to the subcommittee for an analyst role.

Contact Us

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