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The US society aims to bring together American students and cultural enthusiasts to celebrate US culture and politics.

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About us

The LSE SU US Society aims to create a platform where the LSE Community can experience US-American culture, engage in current event debates, network with US government departments and more!

We encourage all those who are interested in US society and politics to join us this year. We are planning an extremely exciting year.

The upcoming US General Elections create a great opportunity for us to engage with the resources we have through the US Centre at LSE as well as the US Embassy in London.

By engaging with these groups, we are planning to learn what the results will mean to different sectors of society and policymaking, both in the US and globally.

We are hoping to play an active part in the Black Lives Matter movements happening globally and are working to partner with, as well as fundraise for (potentially) the NAACP.

We are also very excited to engage in webinars on various topics ranging from US role in the future of the human rights regime to the cultural changes occurring in sports, etc.

Though we are hoping to conduct in-person social events in the near future, we look forward to the US themed pub quiz nights over Zoom with all our new members. LSE SU US Society is extremely excited for this academic year and to meet all of its news members.

Please contact us through our Facebook or Instagram page with any questions and ideas you might have; we are most interested in shaping our events based on the interests and concerns of our members.


We encourage everyone to purchase a standard membership to take part in all the great events we have planned for this year. Purchasing membership means that you will be able to partake in our cultural events, including thanksgiving, etc. as well join us for our networking events with groups such as the US Embassy (London).

Due to the conditions created as a result of COVID-19, we are in the midst of planning some exciting events online include webinars discussing the effects of the upcoming elections season, etc.

Purchasing members means that you will be able to engage in political debates with the exciting atmosphere created by the elections and learn more about US Society.

Events and Activities

Some events that we are planning for this year include:

  • Welcome event: US Themed Pub Quiz Night (Zoom)
  • President Debates Pub Nights (may happen through Zoom)
  • Effects of Election on US Embassy (London) with Guest speakers from here
  • Black Lives Matter Webinar with Guest Speakers from the  (tba)
  • Networking Events with US Embassy Members
  • Webinar, Future Involvement of US in the Human Rights Regime
  • MT Networking Event
  • LT
  • Inauguration? Pub Nights (Tentative)
  • US Embassy Visit
  • US Themed Pub Crawl
  • Super Bowl x Tuns
  • LT Networking Event

(All of these events are subject to change)

Contact Us

You can contact us on: