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LSE Athletics & Running group


Introducing the AU's only club dedicated to powerlifting? Interested in getter stronger? Having a better physique? Competing for the LSE? Find out more here!

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About us

LSE's only club for all gym enthusiasts, offering a society for you to meet other like-minded powerlifters, bodybuilders and weighlifters!


What do we offer?

Currently, the club will cater mainly towards powerlifting and our membership will offer you not only access to social events and easy access to information regarding competition and training but also (when available):

- Once-a-week group training at Gymnation in London Bridge with Imperial College Barbell (sign up required)

- Masterclasses and QnAs on the big 3 lifts (squat, bench, deadlifts), and depending on demand, other exercises of interest.

- Talks from accomplished powerlifters

- Template powerlifting program for beginners (3x a week training schedule)

And most importantly: A chance to compete, either in varsity or to represent LSE at BUCs!


Personalised Coaching!

As a further bonus, members who want to take the extra step towards powerlifting have access to our club coach Raphael Leong (a certified GBPF coach who is also part of UCL Barbell), whose rates are not part of the membership fee:

- £55/ month (exclusive LSE price)

- Includes: 1 free consultation call, custom programming updated weekly (unique), detailed on-demand form checks via Whatsapp (send video, respond by audio, guide video, text etc.), unlimited communication through Whatsapp with 24 hours turnaround time.

- LIMITED 12 spots available for Barbell (in discussion with partner coach for possible 5 extra slots) 



This does not mean interest in other gym-related sports is not welcomed, by joining the club and training with our members you will gain valuable insights on training, general programming, and ways to get stronger (hit that PR) while remaining healthy!


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