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Join LSE Padel Club - we provide a friendly atmosphere and warmly welcome people of all backgrounds and abilities! Meet new people and improve your padel skills in our weekly sessions and socials.


The LSE Padel Club prides itself for its friendly atmosphere that warmly welcomes players of all backgrounds and abilities. Whatever your experience with the sport, come along and get involved. Often considered a hybrid between tennis and squash, padel is a racket sport usually played in doubles on an enclosed court.

Strategy is more important than power and strength in padel so the sport is easy to pick up and play, and an effective way to keep fit. Our sessions will take place regularly at Regents Park and Hyde Park, which are very accessible parks in central London.

Our main aim is to develop our players’ potential as well as create an inclusive and motivating atmosphere. We are committed to giving our members the best opportunities to both play padel and make friends. We believe being part of a sport club is also about events outside of practice. The club has a close-knit community feel and we plan to host regular socials throughout the year.

We feel that the club is a fantastic way to meet fellow LSE players and take a healthy break from classes. We are excited to meet new players to help build the club with us.

Whether you are looking for a new sport to help you keep fit, or have been playing padel for a while, the LSE Padel Club can help to complete your university experience.



The standard membership costs £30 and is open to all LSE students. Being a member gives you access to all sessions (there is still a small fee per individual session depending on time, weekday/weekend, and number of players), social events throughout the year, a 20% discount on Karakal's products (the rackets we use), 15% discount on court bookings at Earl's Court Padel Social Club, and a £2 subsidy per session. We provide the necessary padel rackets and balls for you to play at our sessions - you will pick these up yourself. The membership fee helps the club purchase new equipment, subsidise sessions to be cheaper, and also goes towards the socials.