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Rock Climbing

The LSE Rock Climbing Club is meeting at The Castle Climbing Centre every Wednesday afternoon from 3 PM. Outdoor trips are scheduled throughout the year. Get in touch via our Facebook page!

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About us

The Rock Climbing Club is a sports society for those interested in rope climbing and bouldering. We meet at least once a week at climbing gyms throughout Central London (mainly Castle Climbing Centre) and additionally organise climbing trips in the UK or, if possible, countries around the Mediterranean.

There is no requirement for prior experience and committee members are always more than happy to introduce climbing to beginners. For more advanced members, we organise climbing competitions and participate as a team representing LSE. Following the main weekly climbing session club members have the option to get together for socials nearby to the climbing gym. For those interested in getting into climbing, most will find that having more experienced climbing partners allows one to progress much faster. Climbing with friends is also crucial in finding motivation which is what the society offers best of all.

The Rock Climbing Society is a diverse and inclusive environment excellent for finding friends where members can progress at their own pace. Climbing as a sport allows for a large amount of social interaction and given our very good balance of graduate and undergraduate members it creates opportunity to interact with a broad range of LSE students that few other sports clubs can rival.


The Rock Climbing Club is open to all people interested in climbing indoors and outdoors, hiking and other mountain activities. Our members include freshers, visiting students, masters, PhD students and alumni.

The £20 STANDARD MEMBERSHIP includes social trips and access to the gear closet for current students and staffs. Additionally, membership allows entry into climbing competitions. The climbing gear features ropes, harnesses, helmets (for outdoors) and everything else needed. What it does not provide is shoes which can either be hired at climbing gyms or purchased.

Events and Activities

The Rock Climbing society features: Weekly climbing sessions with additional ones organised depending on demand; Competitions are spread out throughout the year; and socials follow climbing sessions.

Contact Us

Find us on Facebook at: LSE Rock Climbing

Instagram at: @lseclimbers

President of societies email: