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LSE Athletics & Running group

Rugby - Women's

LSE women's rugby is your family on campus! Come join us for fun, lifelong friends and a super fun sport.

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About us

Always seen and heard, LSEWRFC is well known for its play hard, party hard and ‘never give up’ attitude. Surprise yourself, give it a go! Don't knock it till you've tried it - there’s a place for everyone in this team, regardless of previous experience, skill level, or body type. If you're looking to try a new sport but have never picked up a rugby ball in your entire life, don't despair! Most of our players started as beginners, and we maintain that all you need to be a successful rugby player is a bit of enthusiasm and a willingness to try new things.

While the prospect of trying a contact sport can be daunting, the intense and empowering bonds that are formed between you and your fellow teammates will keep you coming back. So join our family of strong, determined and outgoing women in an extremely inviting and inclusive environment. The social bonds you make through this sport will last throughout your time at LSE and beyond. Playing rugby is a brilliant way to keep fit, meet new friends, and to shake off the stress of those looming essay deadlines which you will undoubtedly encounter during your time at LSE.

Rugby and COVID-19*

As of right now, BUCS Competitive league play has been suspended until 2021. We see this as an incredible opportunity to focus on training new players, bonding as a team, and playing friendly matches with other London Universities until we can compete again! While we will always abide by government guidelines, LSEWRFC is committed to working hard to make your year as memorable as possible on and off the pitch. We’ll be devising a training/social plan based on the UK Government and England Rugby Guidelines ASAP for our prospective members.


Purchasing a membership to our society will give you access to all of our competitive fixtures throughout the season. You'll also get access to our weekly training sessions, an opportunity to go on tour and compete in Varsity.

Your membership fee goes towards the running of the club, including the cost of travel to matches, our match and training kits, the provision of a dedicated coach and the long term development of the club.

As a member, you'll get the opportunity to not only represent your university but you'll also meet loads of like-minded, dedicated and awesome individuals that will become your friends for life.

Events and Activities

Over the course of the year we host a wide number of events including:

  • Weekly training on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons! Usually ending up with the girls at the Pub after a sweaty workout.
  • BUCS matches on Wednesdays! Often followed by match pints with the other team, 2-for-1 burgers, pres and Sway!
  • Friday evenings at Tuns to end the week with a bang! Meet at the LSE student pub after class for some catch-up and games (and the night rarely stops here…)
  • Other seasonal outreach events: AU-wide events (Carol), joint-club socials, rugby family socials, friendly games with other universities.

Contact Us

The committee is really excited to welcome new members - drop us a message via Instagram and join our 23/24 WhatsApp group!