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JOIN THE TENNIS CLUB! We have a competitive squad as well as social tennis - something for everyone! Meet new people and improve your tennis skills by joining tennis.

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About us

The LSE tennis club has plenty of options for you to play tennis during your studies and meet fellow LSE players! All our members can find players of their level and compete in championships against other universities. The club has both a social team and a competitive team to match everybody’s commitment and motivation.

Our competitive team is for people with prior experience in tennis, who would like to compete across the UK in the BUCS division and help keep the LSE tennis team in the highest divisions. Tournaments take place every Wednesday and training take place indoors twice in a week. With an access to world-class facilities such as the Queens Club, our club focuses on maintaining high-quality trainings and helps our players fulfil their potential. With the Covid-19 crisis, we might not be able to compete during the first term, but trainings will be maintained throughout the year.

Our social team offers members a chance to play tennis on campus every Wednesday. The team also participate in local competitions against other London Universities.

Our main aim is to develop our players’ potential as well as creating an inclusive and motivating atmosphere. We are committed to give our members the best opportunities to both play tennis and make friends. All our training groups are organized according to the level of the player and not according to gender.

We believe being part of a sport club is also about events outside of practice. We all take part in Sports night and get together before for a drink and activities (with non-alcoholic options). But we also aim to organize events during the day and weekends. For example, as competitions might be reduced with the Covid-19 crisis, we will be organizing friendly single and double tournaments within the club to make sure that people are able to play matches and bond with other players.

If you enjoy playing tennis, joining the tennis club is the best way to meet fellow LSE players and take a healthy break from classes. At the LSE tennis clubs, our members all have the chance to make suggestions for trainings and socials. We are excited to meet new players that help building the club with us.


Two memberships:

  • Social Team: £80
    Social Team membership includes: two hours training on Wednesday in Lincoln Inn's Field, as well as social events on Wednesday nights among others and local competitions some Wednesdays.
  • Competitive Team: £170
    Competitive Team membership includes: two-hours indoor training twice per week (4 hours total) on Fridays and Sundays from 7pm to 9pm (approximately), one of them take place at the famous Queen’s Club. Competitions on Wednesday afternoon. Due to the covid-19 crisis, those competitions might just be charity games against other London university teams. The Competitive Team membership also offers social events on Wednesday nights among others and one fitness session during the week.

Don’t forget you can apply to a SU grant to pay for membership fees.

Events and Activities

Competitive Team:

  • Trainings every Friday and Sunday indoors (4 hours total)
  • BUCS matches on Wednesdays (second term)
  • Wednesday nights’ socials with themes and activities (sometime joined with social tennis)
  • Charity games
  • Mixed-double tournaments within the club
  • Single tournament within the club
  • Other punctual social events

Social Team:

  • Trainings every Wednesday in Lincoln Inn’s Field (2 hours total)
  • Socials on Wednesday nights with themes and activities (sometimes joined with competitive tennis)
  • Charity games
  • Local competitions
  • Tournaments within the club
  • Other punctual social events

Contact Us

Our committee is really excited to meet new players. If you have any questions, you can join our WhatsApp group.

Virtual Fair zoom call ALL DAY: 

Thursday 24th, 9am-5pm:

Friday 25th, 9am-5pm:

+ Zoom Call Questions & drinks with the Tennis Club committee !!