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LSE Athletics & Running group


Welcome to the LSE Badminton Club! We welcome everyone, from beginners to international hotshots. Join our Whatsapp group and check out our Facebook or Instagram for more information!

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LSESU badminton 2021/2022

For current/incoming LSE students interested to join badminton for 2021/2022, please join our whatsapp group , where we will be releasing important information. Do follow us on Instagram and Facebook too!

About us

Badminton is a social sport for everyone! Whether you are the next Lin Dan or a complete beginner, we welcome you to join us!

We have 4 competitive BUCS teams (3 men's and 1 women's) and 1 LUSL competitive team (mixed), which take part in inter-university leagues,

On the other hand, our social sessions are for light hearted play, friendly competition, and just having fun with friends in general! Whether you have never hit a shuttlecock in your life, or just here to relax and keep fit, we welcome you! We also send a LUSL (mixed) team to play against other universities.

Key Dates to mark on your Calender

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Membership types:

  • Competitive Membership (85 pounds)
  • Social Membership (40 pounds)
  • LT Social Membership (25 pounds)

Events and Activities (benefits of joining Badminton society)

  • Competitive trainings: Every Tuesdays (12-3pm) and Saturdays (3-5pm) at LSE Marshall Building Sports Hall
  • Social (casual) fun badminton sessions: Every Tuesdays (3-5pm) and Fridays (2-4pm) at LSE Marshall Building Sports Hall
  • BUCS matches: Every Wednesdays
  • LUSL matches: Sundays
  • Discounted tickets for parties and entry to nightclubs
  • Team dinners and team outings regularly as well as trips such as All-Englands
  • A chance to compete at BUCS nationals
  • AU events

Contact Us

We are very active on Facebook and Instagram!  The committee has created a WhatsApp group for any questions you may have, we will try our best to answer any questions that come up, join via the link provided.

The committee is also very happy to answer any questions you may have!

  • President: Cornelius Chong
  • Vice-President: Raul Sharma
  • Treasurer: Tan Li Ven
  • Secretary: Akshay Agrawal