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LSE Athletics & Running group


Want to try something new? Kabaddi is a sport that teaches a mix of strength, agility and tactics! Everyone is welcome! Weekly training in the Badminton Court at LSE and lots of socials!

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About us

We are a sports club that aims to shine light on the Indian sport of kabaddi. The game of kabaddi is very simple and is basically a cross between tag and rugby. The aim of the game is to tag the other teams players out in a specific amount of time without getting tackled to the floor by the opposition.

I think people should join this club as it is a unique, diverse and is a good way of connecting with different student groups. We regularly get a large amount of freshers during our give it a go sessions and they tend to stay on and join the team.

We have an affiliation with the Hindu Society as well and so Kabaddi has the benefit of being an AU sport and taking part in all of their activities as well as being able to partake in faith society events.


Purchasing a membership at our society will allow you to be a part of the team as well as having full access to all of our socials and events. You can either buy a full membership and be a part of the sport itself or a social membership and partake in all of the social events that occur.

Events and Activities

Training every monday and thursday (separate for men and women). We have a number of socials and team events over the course of the year as well as our termly club dinners. We enter a number of national competitions throughout the year.

Contact Us

We also have an LSE Kabaddi Facebook group and Instagram page as well as a WhatsApp group for all the members.